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Visual Gene Developer is a specialized gene design software that has many functions to analyze, design, and optimize genes. Originally, the software was developed to optimize DNA sequence (mainly for codon optimization) of our target genes and has been upgraded to be the general software package since 2008. In order to make use of the latest programming technology, we migrated programming language to Visual Studio .Net (dot net) framework and re-designed all program source codes to accommodate new features such as user-defined module development and artificial neural network prediction tool.

As a gene design software, Visual Gene Developer includes several predefined gene analysis and design modules with user-friendly interface. Regarding gene optimization, since no one knows the best gene design criteria up to now we provide an integrated programming language environment to develop new optimization algorithms. Because of implemented powerful classes (simply, a class can be defined as a reproducible object that contains modules, check 'Class & module' section), a user can easily access the Visual Gene Developer internal framework, utilize its resources and develop new modules. For example, by combining an artificial neural network class with a gene analysis class and a network computing class, a module developer can solve very complicated non-linear, multivariable optimization problems for the gene optimization.


Visual Gene Developer also contains many functions for gene analysis and manipulation!

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For more details, check our paper

  Jung, S.-K. and K. McDonald (2011). "Visual Gene Developer: a fully programmable bioinformatics software for synthetic gene optimization." BMC Bioinformatics 12(1): 340